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Why You Should Rent A Bicycle And Ride Outside

Cycling is becoming ever more popular. It’s great for your health, and excellent if you want to get out and explore the countryside. It’s an enjoyable way to spend time with your family and friends – and for many people the perfect way to get to work too. So it seems sensible that you would want to buy a cycle of your own. But before you do – read on: because there are many benefits to hiring a bike rather than buying one. Here are some of the reasons why hiring might be better – and some tips to help you if you do.



Hiring saves you money.

Cycles are expensive. How often will you use yours? You might find that it’s better value to hire a cycle when you need it rather than have that expensive model you bought standing there and not getting used. If you are thinking of getting cycles for the whole family – remember that children soon grow to big for their bikes. Rather than buying a new one for them every couple of years – just hire instead.


Hiring is convenient.

You’re off on holiday. It makes sense to take your cycles with you. That way you can get out and explore whenever you want. But just think of the difficulties involved: strapping your bikes to the car… trying to find a bus or train that would accommodate them – and as for taking them by air? Forget it! It makes much more sense to hire cycles at your destination. Wherever you’re off to, a little bit of searching on the internet is bound to find you a cycle hire company nearby.



You’ll always have a cycle to rely on.

Cycles can easily develop faults and problems. When it’s your own bike you may not spot the problem until it’s too late and you’ve been left stranded.   But when you hire a cycle, you can be sure that it’s been maintained to a high standard, by professional cycle mechanics. You can have the peace of mind of knowing it’s not going to let you down.



Hiring gives you a much wider choice.

One day you may feel like a long leisurely cycle along quiet country roads. The next day you could be in the mood for an adrenalin-fuelled off road adventure. But one cycle can’t do everything. By hiring, you can have a road bike, a mountain bike, or even a trike. You could get a bike with a trailer or tagalong so even the youngest children can join in the fun. With hiring you have all the flexibility you want to get the most from your time in the saddle.



What to look for when you hire.

Now we’ve looked at some of the benefits of hiring a bike, here’s a few hints and tips.


Firstly, make sure you only hire from a reputable company. Ask if they are members of the appropriate trade associations. Check they have insurance in place to cover damage to the cycle. You may also want to take out extra insurance to cover yourself in the event of an accident. Here’s a great one to rent from: Synaptic Cycle’s road bike rental service in Orange County


Check the hire terms carefully.

Make sure the hire times are correct – and that you know when you need to return your cycles by. Some companies will charge a penalty if you are late in returning your cycle. Are you also hiring things such as helmets and hi visibility clothing? If so, check whether these are included in the price, or are going to cost you extra. Some companies may ask for a deposit when you leave and the balance of payment when you return. Others may want full payment in advance. Make sure you agree what is to paid and when.




Check the cycle carefully too.

When you are given your cycle, check it over carefully. If there are any faults, point them at once. Also – if there are obvious paintwork chips or other damage, point those out too, before you leave on your ride.



Enjoy yourself!

So – now it’s time to enjoy all the benefits you get from hiring a bike instead of buying one. Happy riding!


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